Who Are We?

Long Island New York Dove Breeder
Long Island New York Dove Breeder

DovesWorld.com™ started as a small personal project, but it quickly grew into something bigger thanks to my passion, love, and appreciation for this beautiful bird. My name is Mark Elie, and I am the creator and founder of DovesWorld.com™. We are located in Elmont, Long Island, NY. Ever since I was a child, I had a fascination with birds, especially Doves and Pigeons. This love comes from my father, who also loved these fascinating creatures. Growing up in the Caribbean Islands, I used to see different species of birds, some native to our islands while others migrate seasonally. But Doves are the ones that held my attention the most.

Doves and Pigeons are some of the most romanticized and adored birds in history. From myths of them being lucky charms to message carriers in ancient times, these are some of the world's most beautiful and intelligent birds. Doves and Pigeons come from the same family of Columbidae, and there are more than 300 species of the same. The main difference between the two is the size; Doves are considerably smaller than the pigeons, but other than that, all the other features remain the same.

I have set up this online store for all the Dove lovers out there. We have a wide variety of Ringneck doves available at different price ranges. The birds come in different sizes, which is due to their age. We are the exclusive Ringneck dove dealers in our area and pride ourselves on the health and quality of our breeding. The birds are all bred locally, so there is never a chance of any foreign contamination.

If you have recently acquired a taste for Doves, then shop at our online store. The best part about us is that we deliver at your doorstep. We only sell young birds on a first-come, first-serve basis, so book your orders today. We have limited stock, so hurry before the stock ends.