We deal in selling live birds, so the risks regarding their health and safe delivery are of utmost importance to us. However, due to the sensitive nature of the business, we cannot guarantee each and everything.

Loss of Dove:
Before shipping them out, we will check the bird and confirm its health. If we've noticed something isn't right with the bird, we'll consult with a local vet before we ship the bird. After the vet's confirmation, we'll double-check to make sure the bird is in a healthy state. Once the birds leave our facility, our job regarding their health is done. If you receive a dead bird or the bird is suffering, we cannot be held responsible until proven otherwise. Once you receive your order, it becomes your responsibility.

We breed these birds from a very young age to get used to the environment and their habitat. However, once shipped, it's the buyer's responsibility to keep them healthy and provide them the best environment they can. Birds are sensitive creatures; any disturbance in their habitat, temperature, or feed will affect them.

We give our birds special feed, which contains ingredients necessary for their growth. We recommend you buy the same type of feed from your local pet store before arrival. This will allow the bird to stay healthy and acclimatize quickly to their new surroundings. You can gradually wean them off of our feed and start giving them what you think is best for them.

When we ship our Doves, we make sure they are healthy and have everything for the journey. We place them in an airy box, and it has a bird feeder and water bowl. So, there are zero chances of them getting hurt during the shipment. However, if something terrible happens, the company cannot pay for any damages until negligence is proven on our side.