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Thank you so much. The bird is healthy and adjusting well. Very sweet bird, easy to handle, beautiful form, friendly and curious about the other dove we have. When we purchase in the future it will be through you. Is there anywhere online we can give you a review? This experience has been very good. Your team is professional and friendly, and obviously takes good care of the doves, he/she is healthy and has obviously been treated kindly with gentle hands, because he has a minimal fear response to any human, coming toward us when spooked. It is surprising how well he is adjusting. His feathers are clean and his eyes are bright. Thank you very much for everything, if as a customer we can express our appreciation more with a review or recommendation, please tell us. 

- Received from Catherine S.  - Shipped to Loretto, PA. 

I picked up my baby bird, Oh my God she's beautiful, thank you for great service and great doing business with you. I love her so much. God Bless.

- Received from Yesenia E. - Shipped to Palmdale, CA.

I just received her; she was delivered right to my door this morning. She's beautiful, thank you so much.

- Received from Kiara A. - Shipped to Huntington, IN.

My dove is just great. Very calm and gentle. Very satisfied with her. Thank you!

- Received from Diana T. - Shipped to Rural Hall, NC.

We just received the dove this morning! She looks absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much for all of your help throughout the process!! Best.

- Received from Coleman O. - Shipped to Pittsburgh, PA.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive my dove a day early. It was in wonderful condition and very beautiful. You must take a hands-on approach with your birds because he seemed very tame and approachable. Thank you for doing a wonderful job and sending us a great pet. By the way, would you have any idea about the age of this male bird? Thank you again.

- Received from Shannon S. - Shipped to Saucier, MS.

Just want to let you know that our baby white dove had a safe trip to Sheboygan, WI. She is so beautiful she is exploring her new cage and home! Thank you for the beautiful white Dove!

- Received from Lori S. - Shipped to Sheboygan, WI.

Thank you for your help. I received my doves yesterday and am very happy with them! I did notice that they haven't really been drinking much water. I saw the larger dove drink once, but the smaller one hasn't had any water since I received them. Is that normal? Is there anything I should do to encourage them to drink? The bigger dove has been flying around and cooing a lot and seems nervous, while the smaller one is much more calm but hasn't moved as much and hasn't cooed at all. Are these normal behaviors? Also, the bigger dove has pecked at, the smaller one a few times. Is this something I should be worried about? Should I separate them? What can I do to make them more comfortable?

- Received from Abigail L. - Shipped to Pensacola, FL.

The bird arrived safely and is happy. Thanks!!!

- Received from Joe C. - Shipped to Omaha, NE.

Hi, thank you, they are very calm, wonderful and I can feed them from my hand. The youngest one is indeed sometimes into conflicts with the other three. Do I keep it separated, then? Did I read you correctly to keep the youngest squeaking one separately or the "alpha one" that conflicts with it? For how long do you recommend keeping it separated? Thanks so much, I rehearsed with them, and they will bring great joy to the kids in the magic shows!!! You're a very reliable Dove provider; thank you!

- Received from Joachim D. - Shipped to Bethesda , MD.

• What Did You Order?: Ringneck dove white
• Choose One Option: 100% Satisfied Client w/ 5 Stars.

Thank you so much. The doves are so friendly and loving; you raise them so well, and I love them so much. The doves are so sweet and docile, and they are attached to me.

- Received from Jason C. - Shipped to Jersey City, NJ

- What Did you Order? 2 tangerine doves
- Choose One Option: 100% Satisfied Client w/ 5 Stars

Absolute amazing customer service, explained everything from my options, to the process, and shipping time very well, with much understanding and kindness, and received two beautiful lively doves. If I ever wanted to obtain anymore doves, I would absolutely do it through DovesWorld, definitely 100% satisfied, and 5/5 stars!!

Jonathan C. – Shipped to Brewster, MA