Doves are very easy to keep. They are super cute birds. They are adorable too. They are great pets as they are calm and gentle. You can easily take care of them. But if you have a dove then, you should know how to feed them properly. The proper feeding will increase their lifespan and help them to get proper nutrition as well. But you need to take some special precautions when you have an injured dove. You should know how to feed an injured dove properly.

How to feed an injured dove?
An injured dove needs your help badly. So, you will have to take care of them and feed them properly. You should not ignore their situation as you may be the only hope for them. You will have to put them in a cage. After placing them in a cage, you will have to keep the cage in the dark and warm area. This will relax the bird. It is very much necessary if the bird is scared and suffering from pain. Now you should take care of their feeding:
You will have to make an electrolyte solution with warm water and a small amount of salt and sugar. You will have to dissolve the salt and sugar properly into the water. While the water will become lukewarm then, you will have to give it to the bird for drinking. They will drink the water by using their beak.

It would help if you did not try to feed them immediately. The injured dove needs enough time to be fully rehydrated.

You will have to check their types of injury. You should check any visible cuts, dropping blood, and drooping wings.

If you see that the dove is doing fine and drinking water then, you can give them some seeds. Dove loves uncooked popcorn and safflower seeds. So, you can give them these things. You can also give them small millet seeds. These are the basic components of their food.

You should remember that dove has a high level of metabolism and they will have to eat frequently. So, if the dove is not eating properly, you will have to take them to the doctor.

What to do if you find a baby dove?
Taking care of a baby dove is not an easy task. Baby dove will need a lot of care, just like a newborn baby. If you do not know anything then, you will have to take help from an expert. They will guide you and advise you on what to do and how to feed them.

Seeds are one of the main ingredients of the dove's diet. But apart from seeds, there are various types of commercially formulated pelleted diets. You can get various colors, shapes, and sizes. If you have a baby dove then, you should start with the pelleted diets. You can also give them smaller amounts of fruits and finely chopped vegetables, and green leaves. Above all, you need to give fresh and clean water all the time to the injured dove.