Pearl Ringneck Dove


The bird's body has an intense rusty red color, which partly comes off as tangerine. It has a brown-colored neck, head, and breast. It has a white neck ring, flights, and tail. Its white-colored feathers are tangerine-tipped, giving out a pearly effect.

Unfortunately, just like all other ringnecks, there is no sexing guarantee. However, we strive for maximum accuracy when shipping. The doves are 3-18 months old at the time of shipping. Availability does not always guarantee immediate shipping. However, we are open to taking current orders, which will be queued until the next possible shipment. In the meantime, you will receive an email with the shipment date and details.

● It has a light brown head w/ white neck ring
● It has a white colored feather from it's back to its tail
● It weighs 4.5 oz
● It measures 10-11 inches long.
● It has a 10-14 years lifespan.
● It is not mated or banded.
● 3-18 months old  

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