Tangerine Ringneck Dove


Compared to the Peach Ringneck species, this dove bird has a darker orange. Its pronounced features include a violet or orange head, neck, and breast. In addition, it has a light gray or black neck ring, tail bar, and deep-red eye color. The tangerine ringneck dove is not banded/mated. Additionally, some tangerines may have dark or pink beaks.

The birds are 3-18 months old. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to guarantee its sex. However, we strive for near perfection and accuracy. We are open to taking new orders even though shipment may not be as immediate as expected. Your order will be placed in line for the next possible shipment. You will receive an email with the shipment date and details.

Features Include:
● Charcoal-colored neck ring
● It has a deep-red eye color
● It measures 10-11 inches long
● It weighs 4.5 ounces|
●It has a 10-13 years lifespan.

The doves are not banded or mated. However, there is no sexing guarantee for this dove bird, even though we strive to achieve a 95% accuracy. Availability does not always guarantee immediate shipping. However, we are open to taking your order.

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