Sand Ringneck Dove


The beach sand ringneck is a light silver dove with a highly diluted gray to the white-colored body. Its neck, head, and breast feature a rich almond color and some partial almond penciling on the shoulders and back. Unlike the African collared dove, it has a lighter neck ring which could vary in colors. This dove is rare, so there might be a waiting list if you need the pair.

Other Features Include:
● It measures 10-11 inches long
● It has a 10-13 years lifespan
● It measures 4.5 ounces
● It is a seed-eater and can feed on wild birds mix with millet and sunflower seeds.
● It is 3-18 months old at the time of shipping.
● The male dove coos while the female does not. Aside from this fact, it is often hard to determine the bird's sex. However, we strive for above 90% accuracy. 

We are open to taking orders for this bird though the shipment is not immediate due to seasonal differences. Your order will be queued until the next possible shipment. In the meantime, you will receive an email with the shipment date and details.

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