In this dove breeding business, we have learned and practice as a culture that "a clean cage is synonymous with healthy birds."

If you want to know what is "The Importance of Keeping a Dove Cage Clean" read on to find out about those things that are worth knowing and thus successfully take care of your doves.

The Importance Of Keeping A Dove Cage Clean

It is difficult to see dirty birds in their natural habitat. However, when they grow up in captivity, they do not have access in the same way to the natural elements that they usually use in their natural environment to bath and keep clean.

In this article, we will tell you where to locate the birdcage and how to keep it clean so that your ring-necked doves and your family can live in harmony. Remember, keeping the cage clean will keep your ring-necked doves happy and healthy, and that will significantly improve good bird-family relationships.

Important: Although a bird is generally a clean animal in its own right, it can be very messy. We explain:

  • If you look closely, birds tend to scatter anything they can grab, like water, their food, and feathers everywhere.
  • Furthermore, birds generally do not learn in captivity as a dog or cat does in the house to develop and acquire the ability to excrete in controlled places and excrete their waste when and where they feel like it.

A clean cage/aviary is synonymous with a healthy bird. But it is not only important for the health of the birds; it also helps to keep the house clean and the health of its caregivers.

That is why it is essential to maintain your bird's cage and the surrounding area. We suggest establishing a cleaning regimen that does not plunge you into a never-ending cleaning cycle.

Take advantage of new cage technologies to help you keep cages clean and reduce the cleaning time required. If you wonder which technology? We name you some products:

  • Specialized food cups that prevent your bird from shedding its seeds,
  • Cages that take your cleaning requirements into account and make it much easier with mesh bottoms and trays that you can remove without having to open the cage.

Position the cage/aviary where it can receive direct sunlight since direct sunlight disinfects and dries the fluids. Important, especially when a dove gets sick with intense diarrhea.

In those cases, we suggest you immediately isolate the sick dove and disinfect the entire affected area as well as drinkers and feeders.

In addition to the above, the basics to keep a dovecote clean are:

  • Carry out a complete cleaning weekly.
  • Use technology containers and stir the grains weekly.
  • Drinkers and feeders, wash and disinfect them for hours once a week.
  • Keep the floor free of excrement, do not allow it to ferment; they generate harmful gases.
  • Isolate to prevent the entry of other animals such as mice, sparrows, cats, etc.
  • Avoid humid areas; they are magnets to attract insects.

We know that it is not a glamorous work worthy of making a movie; however, keeping a clean cage is a crucial/important responsibility to have healthy birds.

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