We have done our research, and we have learned the best techniques which will keep the birds safe while transporting them. Some of this information is provided below.

The sender should finalize the shipping service he will use. The Express Mail service of the US postal service (USPS) taking the lowest time for delivery is recommended. This will ensure that the birds will be confined to the shipping box for less time. All the documents required by the government authorities like forms, health certificates should be dispatched with the birds.


It is advisable to check the weather conditions before shipping the birds. The weather should be pleasant so that the birds do not find it inconvenient. If the temperature is very high or too low, the birds may die. If pheasants or waterfowl are being shipped the destination and origin temperature should remain between 32-750F. The sender should aware that the temperature inside the shipping box is usually at least twenty degrees higher than the ambient temperature. The box used for shipping should contain bedding or other absorbent material. Do not use plastic, colored newspaper, or any toxic material as bedding. Wood shavings, straw, hay, the non-colored shredded newspaper can be used.

Food & Water

The birds should not be tranquilized or sedated since it is difficult to predict the effect of the drugs on the birds while in transit, and they may become sick. The sender should have separate dishes for water and food tied securely on the inside of the carrier. One of the dishes should be filled with water and frozen. While the bird is being transported, the frozen ice will melt slowly so that the bird will have enough water. The birds should be given a small meal, with a little water a few hours before shipping them. Birds may not be comfortable traveling after having a large meal.

Shipping and Collection

The sender should finalize a suitable date for shipping the birds with the recipient who can make suitable arrangements. The sender should inform the recipient that the birds have been shipped and provide shipping details so that the recipient can arrange to collect the birds as soon as they arrive at the destination. It is better to ship birds on Monday or Tuesday so that they do not remain in a post office for the weekend. The sender should also avoid sending birds before postal and other holidays.

Other terms

Only healthy birds should be shipped. The birds should be confined to the carrier box at least a few hours before shipping so that they become accustomed to the carrier conditions. Senders should be aware that the USPS has imposed restrictions on live bird shipments using Express Mail for specific zip codes. Hence the sender should check the recipients' zip code, to find out whether these restrictions are applicable. If the USPS service is not available, it is advisable to discuss the matter with the recipient to make alternative arrangements. A different zip code may be used, pickup locally, or shipping using Delta Airlines should be considered.

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