The beautiful, loyal white dove noted as the peace symbol for many is more fragile than most pet owners know. They are bred to be pets only, which means they cannot be released. You most likely have seen in movies or TV shows where a wedding ceremony or funeral and the beautiful white dove are released, but what most do not know is that they will not likely survive if they do not get back home. The fragile white dove will not fly away and live a happy life.

After being bred for centuries, the white dove cannot handle urban survival. It is, in fact, cruel to release a white dove, for it will starve or be eaten in a city, for it cannot just be set free. What special event planners are actually releasing usually is a homing pigeon, for it can find its way home as far as 600 miles. Many people unaware of this will go inside a pet shop and buy a few white doves for a wedding ceremony, not knowing that in the end, the fragile white dove will die somewhere in the nearby city. It is seen as a kind act for others to release these beautiful birds, but it is quite the opposite for the white dove. Even with homing pigeons, they must be released properly with a home source that they have been trained to go to. So please leave it to the professionals who are trained to do this process, and even then, issues will occur. The few white doves rescued from any wedding services are considered very lucky and will then be taken to a local shelter.

Do not let the fantasy of releasing a white dove spark as a peaceful moment, for they all will have to be rescued from surviving. They will be eaten by other birds, starve from not finding a food source, or get completely lost trying to get back home. The white dove sold to you has no survival skills in the wild, and they will die, bringing no joy to anyone or any occasion. Even in the media, there have been multiple occasions when releasing doves has an immediate tragic moment where a much bigger bird will attack the fragile white dove right in front of the crowd. So speak up for these small souls that cannot talk, so they are not hurt and abandoned. Help educate others on how cruel and unfair this is to the white dove seen as a peace symbol but treated like toys to make others happy. These loyal birds must be kept in a safe environment with pet owners to enjoy and love them. They are not a party accessory. I hope to inform others on how fragile the white dove is, so situations like releasing them do not happen. Remember to do your own research on handling and owning the white dove, so you realize the responsibility at hand.

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