Likewise, we cannot imagine a world without birds! The birds are fascinating, fast, and peculiar, each in its way. We owe them respect not only for the benefits, they provide us, even culturally but also for the essential role that many species play in the functioning of the world's ecosystems in a way that directly impacts on:

Human health.
The economy.
Food production.
Keep reading to find out "Why be respectful to the needs of your birds."

Why Be Respectful To The Needs Of Your Birds?
Respect for your birds begins with knowing their main needs, considering that these vary from one species to another, especially in the type of diet. That is why we suggest you document yourself well so that you can give your birds a good life as we do.

When you acquire a pet and are respectful with it and its life, that makes you want to give it the best. But if you do not do the above suggested, you run the risk of not considering some essential factors when taking care of them. Many specialists estimate that at least 48% of people ignore the basic needs of birds.

Due to the importance of being respectful of the needs of pet birds in the lives of their adoptive families, we will list the nine most pressing in bird care. Of course, some species, such as the ring-necked ones, will have more specific needs. In that case, we recommend that you speak with professionals before purchasing your bird.

Needs of your birds:

-Food according to its species

Crucial, not all birds eat the same, in the same way. The best thing for the birds is to give them the food that they used to eat in their natural habitat. Take care not to provide them with unnecessary supplements and vitamins; they can damage them, be careful. Servings also vary based on age or time of year.

-Enough water

Vital, water is essential for every living being. Its insufficiency can cause skin and leg diseases in your birds. Keep in mind that many birds need a daily shower. Take care of hygiene as well as the chemical composition or PH of the water.


For life, when in captivity, birds can become ill if they cannot find the company they need. They do best when dealing with birds of the same size and species.


Fundamental, this way, it is easier to keep them watched and controlled. Well-appropriate, it helps to avoid accidents and problems with children, other pets, and dangerous objects. It is important that the birds can jump and fly without hitting each other. The ideal is a cage or aviary of ideal size.


The cage is not enough if you are going to have pet birds. If you are going to have a bird, you need to provide it with a shelter where it can sleep, lay its eggs or hide; otherwise, it can suffer from stress, which will affect your bird's health.


Indispensable, it is essential for all birds. It simulates its ideal environment in the trees. Place it horizontally in the cage so that it supports the weight of your bird.


Required, especially if it is one of the intelligent species such as cockatoos, can become aggressive if they do not have the necessary stimuli. Provide toys, swings, and sound mechanisms that your bird can operate.

-Constant cleaning

It is healthy; cleanliness is essential to avoid health problems in birds. Keeping your bird's cage clean can extend its life considerably. Read our articles.

-Medical care

Cure and prevention, in case of health problems that are not noticeable with the naked eye, a visit to the vet is important. Early specialist care can avoid:

-Sudden death.

The suffering of our animals.

Viruses or bacteria can spread to humans.

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