I have created DovesWorld.com™ to share this passion for doves with you and all other bird lovers globally. We offer four different kinds of doves - we have white, ringneck, pied, African collared, and tangerine doves.

They each have eccentricities, naughtiness, and cuteness that you will grow to be fond of. We are a small-scale local dove breeder based in Long Island, NY, for a considerable time. We develop our growing dove breeding business from our backyard, which means that without intermediaries, we sell doves that we have raised since they were babies.

As soon as you receive your preferred variant of doves, please feel free to share with us and with the general public your joyful and relaxing experiences as you take care of your birds.

As you grow with the love and passion of taking care of the doves, we also motivate you to elevate into a dove breeder, too, in your part of the world. You will also bring happiness to other people as you make them aware of the therapeutic benefits of tending to their doves.