Why do I love doves so much? Of course, my loving father instilled a love of doves in me from a very young age! However, there are many more reasons why I deeply love doves and pigeons.

Doves represent freedom, spirituality, and love. They represent love, in particular, because they tend to mate for life. In addition, they are incredibly loving and sweet, just as much as any cat or dog.

Doves are also incredibly intelligent. While they are not as clever as corvids, they are smart enough to solve puzzles and recognize good, including their owners!

Here's why: but there are also only some of the reasons. Doves have enormous wings and bodies that can fly at incredible speed. Doves can fly high and fly long distances. Doves are beautiful no matter which color they come in!

How are doves different from pigeons?

Pigeons are big birds with very tiny brains and swift feet, and a pigeon can't turn its head and can only stand up on its feet. Pigeons are a protected species in many parts of the world and can't be sold, unlike doves. People around the world have been conserving pigeons and creating pigeon conservation societies.

Doves have a lot more brainpower than a pigeon, and they can run around freely. While pigeons are very intelligent, doves are much brighter (albeit still not as bright as corvids such as crows, for example), and they can recognize people, remember faces and even learn some basic stuff such as puzzle solving.

Additionally, doves are incredibly loving and caring, and they make for extraordinary pets. They can recognize their owner, and they will shower them with love and affection, just like any other pet would.